About Sarah

I am a constantly evolving wild-woman with a passion for supporting others with their health & fitness journey. My heart belongs to two free-spirited boys, my hubby who keeps me grounded and our energetic doggie and delightful little turtle.

My background in health & fitness began many years before graduating as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition and as a yoga instructor from the Yoga Institute. Since childhood, embarrassed about the symptoms, I silently suffered from anxiety and pain and discomfort associated with digestive issues that developed into autoimmune disorders. Countless doctors with limited information and decades of searching for answers left me in despair. Once I began to trust my circle and to speak up about what I was going through, I finally met a functional medicine practitioner who asked the right questions and worked with me to get to the root cause of my symptoms. Once I made changes to diet and lifestyle, a miracle occurred for me. My symptoms decreased. My quality of life improved. 

My story, full of many dimensions and colorful chapters, founded the mission to my work: To build a healthy, positive community through social partnership, information and events about nutrition, physical activity, emotional/mental care and holistic practices. 

When I'm not advocating for better health & happiness, I find comfort in a routine schedule that consists of sweating and stretching it out, hanging with my small tribe of loved ones, reading my weight in books and literature and turning my energy-filled kitchen into a dance party/meal prepping space each week. 

Reach out to me. I'd love to meet you.

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