Friendship, Food & Fun

First Friday of each month 5:30 - 8:00 pm

"Bring a dish and a friend" monthly mix & mingle pot luck style get-together. The community style kitchen and gathering space is a perfect setting to wind down from the week, enjoy relaxing conversation and enjoy a meal with others. Drinks provided.


Mind + Body + Soul Series

Second Saturday of each month 11am - 1pm

75 minute yoga series designed to guide you through the 7 chakras as we explore the connection between the mind-body connection. Each yoga session will be followed by a Q&A as we chat over freshly made treats and drinks.

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Yoga + Workshops

 For All-Levels

Create a balance of uniting body, mind and spirit. Free flowing energy of vinyasa combined with moving purposefully and patiently through the class with Hatha will assist in finding an appreciation for the postures - and an introspective experience. Sign up here